DroneComplier Knowledge Base: What's New in Version 3?

Drone Complier 3.0 has some great features that we’re excited to share with you!

See below for a brief overview, or see more detailed guides in our Knowledge Base.

Look and Feel

The first thing you’ll notice is the new colour scheme and menu layout. This aims to make better use of both wide and narrow screens, by moving the menu bar to the side and giving the option to hide it (on mobile it is hidden by default).

We also have a new “list and detail” view which allows you to quickly preview information about a record without having to go into it.

Additionally, the entire site has been designed with improved mobile usability in mind.


When you first log in you are presented with our new dashboard, featuring a large airspace map, statistics and recent activity.


The mapping and airspace information has been overhauled to provide a clearer overview of the airspace you are in/under, nearby airports, relevant radio frequencies and other information.

It also has Windy.com weather information to give you a detailed weather forecast including wind, rain, clouds and more.

Mission Planning

The Mission planning process has a number of enhancements, including the ability to draw a flight path and analyse the airspace along that path. It also features more map annotations including takeoff and landing markers.

You can also copy details from an existing mission when creating a new one, rather than having to start from scratch every time.

There have also been significant improvements to Checklists and Documents – see below for details.


The all-new Checklist Centre is designed to dramatically improve the process of adding checklists to your operations.

Checklists may now be created for various individual items or classes of item. Any checklists attached to any item used in a mission will then be viewable from that mission.

We recommend having a look at the user guide or experimenting with the Checklist Centre in your Drone Complier account to see how it works.


The Document Centre is similar to the Checklist Centre but allows you to attach documents to various items, which may then be viewed by pilots and attached to missions.

Pilot View

Pilot View is a major new addition in Drone Complier 3.0. It is a web-based but mobile-optimised interface intended for pilots to use in the field to log flights, quickly create missions or view their documents.

Pilot view extends the functionality of the Android and iOS apps but will work on any device with a web browser. An internet connection is required however to use Pilot View.

General Improvements

There are many other minor enhancements and upgrades throughout the app. We encourage you to check it out! Feel free to send us any feedback through the Help Desk or to support@dronecomplier.com.