Drone Complier Knowledge Base : Lists and Searches

Most functions in the Activities, Maintenance and Equipment sections of the app use the new format for listing available entries.

This article will use the Activities > Missions listing as an example


When a listing first opens, it should include all entries in the category.

Use the search options to narrow down the listed entries.

List Panel

Search results are displayed in the list panel. The item that is highlighted in yellow is the item that is currently displaying in the detail panel.

Detail Panel

This shows the details for the highlighted item in the list panel. This gives additional information to let you identify that this is the correct item.

This is the item that will open when you click the edit button.

Basic Search

Type your key words into the search string input field.

If you type multiple words into the search input, the search will find matching records that contain ANY of the words typed.

To search phrases “enclose them in double quotes”.

Search results bubble! This means that each new search you do searches in the result set of the previous search, not the entire database again. This makes it easy to keep narrowing down results.

For example, if I typed in Kiama Kevin, I would get everything with either Kiama OR Kevin (so Kiama in the location OR Kevin as the pilot). However, if I typed in Kiama and clicked the search button, I would get everything containing Kiama. If I then typed in Kevin and clicked the search button, I would get everything in the previous search that contained Kevin – in other words Everything with Kiama AND Kevin.

For a new search, click the Reset Search Button first to reload all of the records.

Advanced Search

While the basic search scans all available fields for your key words and phrases, the advanced search lets you target specific fields.

It also allows you choose between Any and All for your key words, or set the NOT option to exclude records.

Searching for Dates

Dates are saved in the database in YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss format.

To find everything in a certain year, you would just type the 4 digit year. For a particular month, YYYY-MM. etc

You MUST include leading zeros for months, so July 2018 would be 2018-07 not 2018-7