DroneComplier Knowledge Base: Checklists

Everything that generates a mission checklist item that needs to be responded to when logging a mission can be accessed through the Checklist Centre.

Category Panel

The category panel shows the types of objects that can have checklists attached. Whenever they are selected for a mission, the associated checklist is added to the Checklists tab on the mission.

The number in brackets indicates how many objects there are in the category that can have checklists attached.

Expanding a category will show what objects (or in the case of equipment, what types of objects) are available.

The small blue buttons at the top-right will allow you to edit the actual item in a separate window.

To add or edit a checklist for an item, click on the large button for that item. This will open the checklist editor for that item.

Equipment Checklists

Equipment checklists are slightly different in as much as there is an additional step involved in selecting the equipment you want to add a checklist for.

Select the specific piece of equipment, or the “All” option at the top of the drop-down to create the correct checklist.

The check mark next to the equipment indicates that the checklist has already been created.

The “All” option will create checklist items that will be applied to every piece of equipment in that category, so unless there are additional procedures for individual pieces of equipment, you will only need to fill in this checklist.

See Checklists Panel instructions below for specific information on how to create a checklist.


Checklists Panel

There are 5 types of checklist that can be set up for each object.

  1. Pre Operation (Pre mission) – these items will be shown when a pilot first opens a mission
  2. Pre Flight – these items will be shown before each flight
  3. Battery Change – Shown when ever a battery change is logged (not active this release)
  4. Post Flight – shown after each flight
  5. Shown at the end of the logging process.

To illustrate how to add checklist items, we will use Airframes as an example as it is the most complex.

Equipment checklists allow you to make use of “All” objects checklist items, so “All Airframes Checklist” will create checklist items that will show for all aircraft.

You should make as much use of the “All” checklists as possible as if there is a change to procedure, you only need to change it in one place.

Step-by-step guide to adding a checklist item

  1. Select the type (Pre Operation, Pre Flight etc.) of checklist item you want to add by clicking on the appropriate tab.

    In this example, we are adding a Pre-Operation checklist item for All Airframes.
  2. Click either “Add From Another Checklist” to copy all items from another checklist (this will copy all items of ALL TYPES and populate ALL of the tabs) OR “Add New” to create a new item. In this example we will use “Add New”
  3. Fill in the details for the new checklist item.
    Always phrase the question so it requires a Yes or No answer with Yes being the desired answer.
    Keep the question short and meaningful. Add specific instructions on how to perform a check or what to look for etc in the details.
    Displaying text for a NO answer or an N/A is optional
  4. Click Add button when complete.

    Each item you add will list here
  5. Complete your checklist and click the Save button
  6. Edit, delete or drag to re-order as required.

If we now go to a specific airframe checklist, we will see the “All Airframes” items already added.

Each item that is inserted from the “All Airframes” list has a red link button to indicate that it is linked to the master airframes list.

We can now use the “Add New” button to add a new item specific for this airframe OR we could click the red link button and clone the entry and edit it to save time for similar entries.

Notice that the edit button and delete button are now visible for this item as it is specific to this airframe.

Lets open another airframe checklist for another inspire and use the “Add From Another Checklist” option to add items from the first Inspire.

The following message will be displayed…

You will initially see duplicate entries for all of the “All Airframe” items, but these will be removed when you click “Save”

The main thing to note is that the 3rd item is showing a link icon – but not a red link as it is from another airframe, not “All Airframes” and can be removed if desired.

Expanding the item will show where the link comes from.

It is good practice to put all checklist items for a particular aircraft model on one aircraft and then copy from that aircraft to the others so that all items are linked. This means that you will only need to change them in one place not on each airframe.

You can break the link by clicking on the link item and selecting unlink. Once the link is broken, it will not reappear (unlike cloning from the “All Airframes” list where the original will still appear).